About Republic

A wave of anxiety rose above Europe in early 2018. Citizens expressed their strong objection to the vague and average contents of European wardrobes. The initial small protests quickly grew to a storm of discontent. This marked the time of great change – the beginning of the Pattern Revolution.

Citizens of Europe threw away their white, paternless shirts and t-shirts. As one, they chanted: "No more basic!". A new state appeared – Republic of Patterns. It was no place for limits. Never will you see here strict dress codes, uninteresting stylization, or boring wardrobes. 

Thanks to the intriguing patterns of its clothes, Republic of Patterns increases its borders every day. We receive pictures of our citizens in patterned shirts from all over the world daily. Do not hesitate – become a part of the Republic of Patterns community today. 

Karolina Krajda 
First President 
Republic of Patterns