It’s not easy to make friends with a fox, but this one was quick to jump onto the beanie, and even took his friends along! Wagging their tails happily and pricking up their ears, they smell new adventures and good fun! This pattern is specially designed for those who love hiding in their dens on windy days. The beanie protects the wearer from cold and wind, and it looks awesome. Mind you! Not only for redheads.

Product information:

  • one size beanie
  • 100% made in Poland (knitted, stitched, embroidered)
  • more than 20 embroideries on each beanie – seriously!
  • the beanie keeps the wearer warm – it is made of two layers of acrylic knit
  • the beanie has a patch with the Republic of Patterns logo
  • finished with attention to detail

For size table, see the last picture in the gallery.

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